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How Does Health And You Work?


Wellness Program follows the below mentioned road map:

Level One - Fitness Assessment
(Diet Pattern Analysis)
We at health and you understand that a good diet is just not about losing weight but is to keep your body healthy and disease free. Our program starts with analysis of your eating habits and preferences prior to your membership. It's a simple process where we email you a diet form. The diet form is a questionnaire which has some basic questions related to your personal, medical and diet history. All you have to do is fill up this form and send it across to us by email.

Based on the details provided by you in the diet form, we assess your caloric and nutrient intake. Your appointment is fixed only after we have analyzed and concluded on what could be done to bring you into the realms of healthy living.

Level Two - Fitness Advice (20minutes)
(Nutritional Counseling)

Nutritional counseling is the most important 20 health check-up minutes of your life towards your path to a healthy living. In this session we advice you on how a small change in your regular meal can create a vast difference. Diets shall be prescribed to you keeping in mind your current health conditions.